For the Love of Cities (Skylines)

Hi everyone!

I am Gabby, and you probably know me already if you’ve been reading my personal blog. Just so we’re clear: I’m not abandoning that one. Like ever. It’s still updated as ever whenever I have the urge to write something. It’s probably gonna’ be more updated than this one.

This another blog, however, is for another purpose entirely.

I’m a big fan of cities — you can say I’m an urban planning enthusiast (definitely not an urban planner). I’m fascinated with how cities work, and I’m just overwhelmed with the dynamism of a huge megalopolis. I really do believe that cities are one of mankind’s best achievements, and a sign of our progress, as well.

Having said that, it would be natural to pour my energies and passion for city building (and planning) on games like Cities:Skylines. It’s a highly modifiable, highly customizable city builder that basically allows me most of the freedoms I longed for in previous games such as SimCityor Cities:XL.

I’ve been playing so much these past few years that I think my cities are no longer a series of 1’s and 0’s being interpreted by a computer — that they are no longer just boredom killers for as long as they last — Instead, I believe they have been so detailed that they took on a life of their own. That they are no longer confined to screenshots — that what they need are rich stories (histories, legends, maps, and tourist guides) to back them up and support them.

Unfortunately, I lost all my cities due to some problems, but now I’m back. and I’m not just back: I’m back with a journal.

This page is about the Cities:Skylines cities that I have made, and I’m here to showcase every experience I’ve had while building: accomplishments, challenges, computer crashes — this site will have everything!

I would be posting a report of every playing session I have in city journals, where I’ll be detailing everything I would be doing in one particular city, whether it be adding (or demolishing) a city district, building a highway, or managing traffic situation/s.

I would also be posting about fictional histories, where all the products of my imagination (no matter how awful) will be written. In this place, every city has a country, a colorful history, a wonderful culture, and an amazing story.

So there, city lovers, C:S players, and everyone else who happens to be here. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. Criticisms are welcome. I hope to see you again in my next post!


P.S. To give you a sampler, the featured image is a modified map of Rostock, Germany, and I’m adding my own elements to it (such as the walled quarter, in the southeast) as well as old docks.


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